Frequently Asked Questions

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By Operators

Q: What role does an operator play in the value chain?

A: Technically, the Operator opens its API’s so that Mobassurance can integrate with its billing and messaging systems in order to execute delivery of the service via its network. Operators may also market the product under their own brand.

Q: Who is the risk carrier?

A: Insurance companies (risk carriers) that provide the service vary from country to country. This depends on several factors: quality of cover, price competitiveness, reputation, relationship with the partnering operator and more. Mobassurance performs a rigorous insurance company selection process during which the best risk carrier for the proposed product structure is identified. The final decision on which insurer to choose is made jointly by Mobassurance and our partner operator.

Q: Can we choose our preferred insurance company for this?

A: Yes. In such cases, Mobassurance acts as a software as a service provider. We will also assist you with our business know-how should you require such help in product development and insurer selection process.

Q: How long does it take to launch the service?

A: 3-6 months from signing the agreement.

Q: What are key benefits for a mobile network operator to introduce such a service to its customers?

A: The major benefit is becoming customers’ everyday partner by offering services, which improve their quality of life and increase customer satisfaction. Plus:

  • Customer satisfaction – the service is offered at the moment when it’s needed the most. The only way to insure yourself once already abroad.
  • Revenue share – an operator receive a revenue share from each insurance policy sold and additional services sold through travel app.
  • No investment – all IT integration, administrative, insurance product development, regulatory compliance and other tasks are taken care of by Mobassurance, so operator can concentrate on delivery and marketing..
Q: How does purchasing process work?

A: The customer receives a travel insurance reminder via SMS upon the moment s/he switches networks. The customer purchases insurance by inputting 4 pieces of data: First Name, Last Name, # of days abroad, Person Identification #. Upon submitting such data via SMS, the customer receives confirmation of purchase via SMS. The insurance amount is charged to their phone bill and the insurance policy commences immediately.

Q: Where does the service work already?

A: The service is available to subscribers of the operators working in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Interested to introduce such a VAS for your customers? Contact us now.

By Customers

Q: Can I insure property the same way once I’m abroad, too?
A: Yes.
Q: What happens when I have to claim something?
A: At any moment during your trip or upon return, you can conveniently call a dedicated assistance phone number provided in the order confirmation SMS.
Q: What is the price of insurance?
A: Depends on your home country and network provider. In most cases, it’s around €2 per day. You get the price in your travel insurance reminder SMS. It is the same regardless of your destination.
Q: What is the coverage of insurance?
A: Depends on your home country and network provider. However, usually it is the best value-for-money travel insurance you can possibly get, which includes medical expenses, accident and luggage cover. In your reminder SMS, you get a link to detailed terms and conditions.
Q: I am going for a skiing vacation. Am I insured?
A: In most cases, yes. However, always refer to terms and conditions provided in your insurance reminder SMS.
Q: Can I insure myself automatically?
A: Yes. If you are subscribed to long-term travel insurance, you do not have to order travel insurance by texting us. Our system will identify that you are outside your home network and we will charge your daily insurance premium. Your privacy is protected too, in that we do not check your precise location – only whether you are in or out of your home country, and even to do that we ask for your consent.
Q: How can I pay?
A: We add insurance premium to your phone bill or charge your pre-paid account.
Q: Can I insure others as well (e.g. family members, colleagues)?
A: Yes, you can insure others by sending a separate SMS for each person to be insured with their details respectively.